Miss Priscilla Swift : an enigma

Pollard-Ross-Swift-ruinsOne of the dictionary definitions of the word “enigma” is “a person of puzzling or contradictory character“.  Miss Priscilla Swift was an enigma to the people of Forest Range and Lenswood.  For over forty years she lived in her small hut on the top of what is now known as Collins Hill Road.  Only her closest neighbours knew much about her, but her legacy remains with some of  her land being now owned by The Field Naturalists Society of South Australia.

We have gathered information about Miss Swift and have shared her story here.   Click here to learn a little more about this quiet lady or click here to listen to a few comments from Ross Pollard.

Alma Hefford (now Heaft) grew up on the property next to Miss Swift.  She shared her memories of Miss Swift – click here to listen.



One thought on “Miss Priscilla Swift : an enigma

  1. Great story about our district. Collins Hill Road is such a peaceful area near the top where Priscilla used to live – even now.

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