Norton Family

July 4  is a milestone for the Norton family of Forest Range.

Over 125 years ago Charles Norton and his wife Jane leased and then purchased section 83 at Forest Range.  Charles was the son of Robert Norton of Norton Summit.  They were the first to own that land and over the years the land (or part of it) has remained in the family.  When they first settled Jane planted a holly tree on the site which remains to this day.

Charles and Jane’s great grandson, Robert Norton, was the last of the family to live on that land and today the property passes out of the Norton family.  Robert had been living in the home of his parents on a small block that was retained when he remainder of the land had been sold off during the past 125 years.  Today a new family will take ownership, the first non-Norton’s to own that piece of land.

Farewell to that segment of the Norton Family.  Photo below is John and Robert Norton on the last day.  Robert commented he wears a red and white hat to commemorate the Forest Range Football Club.


John and Robert Norton in front of the Holly tree planted by Jane Norton over 125 years ago. 3 July 2014.


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